Saturday, September 17, 2011

Have just delivered my latest batch of jewellery to Sparkle & Flair in Harleston.  Here's a selection if you want to have a look!.
Jewellery creations album

Saturday, September 10, 2011

oooh new beads are finally online!

It's been a mammoth task - but I've managed it.  All the new beads and charms are now all on the website.  So put those drool covers over  your keyboards and go have a browse.  Be ready with "that's my favourite..  no that one... hang-on it's got to be that one"....
.... here's a  few pics to tempt you!
seed beeds and bugle beads in all sorts of colours
can you see the shine on these lovely glass beads.... yummy!

Octopussies... or is that Octopii.... whichever it is they have big happy smiles!

Already buzzing with ideas on using these large 30mm metal rings......

I'm hoping to get creative with some of them if I can tomorrow... purely of course because I know you'll all want some ideas for these beads and charms... not at all because I couldn't resist topping up my own supplies hee hee!  If I manage to get anything made - I'll post up the pics!