Saturday, June 5, 2010

Golfer card

It's not long until father's day (20th June) so time to get planning on a card to make for your dad/grandad or perhaps for your other half for your children to give. A quick an easy card is this one with the golfer. We have used a fabric square panel. Simply take some scrap card (cereal packets come in handy!) and cut a square to the same size as your picture panel. Add some glue - pva/gluestick or even double sided tape and stick your panel onto the card. Turn it over and cut off a triangle off each corner to make room to then fold each edge over and stick to the reverse of the card. You can always add a little bling to your panel with some glitter applied over a quickie glue pen. Next cut a larger square of a matching paper and stick at an angle on a 6" square card. Then place your square panel on top. Sticking them at an angle hides any wibbly edges I've found as it can be tricky to get your panel mounted perfectly symetrically. As a final touch - my favourite one of 3 peel-off dots on each corner and voila!... a quick & easy card made. These fabric panels come in lots of different designs - so if golf isn't his thing.. you may find something else - and with 6 square panels for just £2 they won't break the bank either! Click here to see our selection of fabric
Happy crafting

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