Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Creations & Theme for this week!

A simple theme this week - Flowers.  I've had a creative session this week to make up some more jewellery.  I've had these felt flowers in stock for ages - but not had a chance to play - and set myself the challenge to use them.  I decided on two big chunky acrylic bead necklaces and attached the flowers using wire slightly off centre.  They looked quite effective when finished.  The brown bracelet was created using four strands of memory wire and some flower beads with double holes (I'll put some stocklist numbers below if you want to get any yourself from the website to have a go!)  It was a bit fiddly - and I restarted from scratch a couple of times whilst I was learning the do's and don'ts of putting it together - and to share - the 'dos' were - do try and work out your pattern before hand rather than making it up as you go along - I tried to be spontaneous - but it wasn't a good idea!.... and the don'ts... keep each strand thread up to the same point, if you go ahead and finish the pattern on one strand you may find the spacing doesn't work on the next strand  and because the double holed beads alternate across the strands (strands 2 & 3 then strands 1&2 and 3&4) if it doesn't line up it leaves gaps!  I was very pleased with my finished bracelet - and as soon as I took it into the shop (Sparkle & Flair in Harleston) for sale, it didn't get any further than the counter and was sold straight away - hurrah... so I'll definitely be making up some more!  it was worth the 2 hours it took to make!
I hope you enjoy the theme - have fun and let's see some of your creations!

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Rocky said...

I really enjoyed this challenge, I could have got carried away with this one but have only posted a few of my creations for you to see