Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just come back from a nice walk with hubby(Pete) and the dog (Molly)... must remember to take my digi camera and get some shots of Molly jumping through the long grass... it's taller than she is and she leaps about like a gazelle... so funny!

I haven't told you all about Molly yet - she's a cross between a boxer and a staffordshire bull terrier and is 22 months old and we got her from a rescue centre when she was just 3 months... and so far 18 months of weekly dog training hasn't quite got her under control yet... she's a bit of a rebel to say the least!

Here is a piccie I took of her this morning.. looking like butter wouldn't melt as usual!

Well better get back to my website.. I'm a bit behind with loading up the new deliveries for this week.. keep getting distracted!!

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Debbie said...

Hi Jane, lovely blog, lovely dog. Thought I could see some Staffy in there and brindle is my fave colour for them too. Hang in there with the training, it will all be worth it in the end!