Friday, May 16, 2008

Well... time I got starting with this blogging thing...

... I mean it seems everyone and their dog seems to have their own blog now.. Perhaps I should be setting one up for Molly..? Welcome to my blog. I'll try not to bore you... just a few ramblings of ideas and progress and lots of complaints that I've got no time to do things I want to do probably.... so is it such a good idea that I start this blog afterall?

Let start with what I'm up to this week... it's been a busy one what with crafting club on Monday, RHS on Tuesday, Massage (make that torture session) on Wednesday, Dog training on Thursday, stall on Friday and workshop on Saturday... phew no wonder I'm flagging!

Treated myself to a quick play on the cuttlebug with the new build a flower... I think that it's going to become a firm favourite!... played around with whether it's better to cut first or second... definitely cut first it's much easier to line up the embossing that the die to cut!

I might just have to have another play over the weekend - purely business of course, I mean if I'm not well practices how can I demonstrate it to everyone!

Well had a delivery of goodies today... so I'd better stop typing and start pricing up before I get too far behind.. as usual!