Sunday, November 18, 2012

Golden Butterfly Tag

For this week's tag challenge I've gone with a golden theme.  Firstly I cut two strips of card the width of my tag at two different heights.  I used a Martha Stewart punch to cut the border along the top of them both.  Use Versamark ink over the front of the smaller strip and emboss it using a sparkly gold embossing powder.  For a good coverage go over it again with the ink and with the powder.

I've used a Dreamweaver Butterfly Stencil for the main design - place your stencil in position and then dab your Versamark ink through it then emboss with the gold sparkle embossing folder - again if you need to then line up your stencil and go over again for a darker finish.  You can also use a Versamark pen for this job too - it's Versamark ink in a handy pen - ideal for more precise application... I would have used mine instead of the pad.. but it's gone into hiding in my craft stash!!

Line up your two punched strips and mark lightly on your card where the punched section of the tallest strip falls.  Then apply strips of double sided tape to be behind the punched pattern.  Then apply embossing powder to the sticky tape and heat gently.  Stix2 is a good tape to use for this - as long as you don't overheat the tape won't bubble.

Stick on your large strip and then the smaller strip over the top.

Take a couple of paper flowers and colour with a gold ink - I used a Krylon Pale Gold - set aside to dry thoroughly.  Add some line details to the top of your tag, and in between your strips using a gold gel pen.  Finally fix a decorative brad at the top and then fix the two flowers with decorative brads.

You could try this design in all sorts of colours and it would look just as effective!

have fun crafting


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