Monday, May 6, 2013

Zentangle Tree...

Well my project for this weekend is something a little different.  It involves no stamps, inks, paints, or other crafting materials.  Just a piece of copy paper and a black biro.  I love doing doodle details on my stamped artwork... it's a fun thing to do to add decoration or just fill in a little gap with something.  This art of doodling is known as Zentangling.  I've always accented stamped designs but had a yearning to create something from scratch... so here it is my simple zentangled tree! 

The first drawing was a disaster and was quickly consigned to be filed in the bin!  I started to draw an elaborate tree trunk and network of branches... and even despite the fact that the drawing wasn't up to much, I realised it had nowhere to doodle on!  So my aim was lots of big leaves and little leaves I could do patterns in.  So I kept it simple and drew the tree trunk and a little grass clump either side.  Then started to draw simple leaves.  I started at the middle and gradually worked my way out until it was a shape I liked.  Then let the patterning commence!  I tried to put different shades of patterns.. some quite dark here and there and some with a lighter feel.   Zigzags, squiggles, circles, dots, squares... whatever I could think of.   And my final addition was the little bird - so simple to draw - give it a try - start with a circle for the body, a V for the beak and the legs, and a few lines for the tail.  A squiggle or two for the wings and a dot for an eye.

I was most pleased with the result.  I hope it inspires you to give it a go.. even if you don't feel confident to start from scratch and draw your own- see if you have a good outline stamp you can fill in with doodling - its great fun!  And an ideal craft for on the go.. train journeys, waiting in a waiting room for someone - because all you need is paper and a biro!  If you do have a dabble, please share links to your blog or facebook page in the comments below - I'd love to see your creations!

I've included a closeup pic so you can see that your lines do not need to be perfect to create a good effect!

happy zentangling

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