Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Distressed Cottage

Here is the second Cottage card as promised.

This time I've kept it ever so simple. Stamp your cottage with Distress Ink Black Soot. Then take a waterbrush or a paintbrush and a little water and drag your colour. Try to make it quite rough on the roof in the line of the angle of the roof as it adds to the effect of the thatch. Then just look at where you have shadows to make those areas a little darker but basically if you just drag a little colour here and there, you'll still have a fab result - you don't need to be an artist! Try to keep your touch quite light - you'll have a much better finished picture if you have light areas and dark areas. Try this technique with all different colours of distress ink - brown works really well - but any colour will look effective and sometimes it can make for a different style card if you use something unusual like red or purple. Whatever colour you choose - you can keep your background simple so that it accents the simplicity of the stamped design - so either stick with a neutral colour like black, perhaps a gold or silver depending on your colour scheme or if you've used a colour ink, match it in. Don't forget if you haven't got a coloured cardstock to match your ink colour - just cut your mount to the correct size and then use your ink pad either with cut & dry foam or just directly with your inkpad to paper for darker colours. You only need to ink around the outside as you'll be covering up the middle!
Here are a few handy links if you want to get started with getting some of these supplies...
Click here for Distress Inks
Click here for Create-a-scene stamps
Click here for Cut & Dry Foam
Click here for Waterbrushes
Happy Crafting!

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