Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cosy Kitty.....

Barney has never had a proper cat bed. In his younger days he wouldn't be seen dead in one!.... but we've noticed that in his 'middle years' he keeps nesting on anything he can find - a rogue jumper, a towel, my boxes of newly delivered stock!... so we thought we would buy him a bed. We took a chance that he would take one look and walk the other way... but no - he was straight in there pummeling away until he'd got the mattress scrunched up just how he wanted it - and he's not moved since! Let's just see if the novelty wears off or whether it's his new best friend!!. .. I've been busy playing with my Clarity shoe stamps today - so watch this space for a few different card ideas to appear during this week!
happy crafting!
Jane & Barney!

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tracy said...

lol my cats are only 12 monthes old and both loved their beds then transferred laundry basket or an empty box just delivered and emptied, one sleeps in the laundry basket everynight or during day, mostly though if they can its on top of the clean washing as soon as it comes out of the dryer