Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mmmmm yummy colours...!

Well I finally found the time to play with the new Cosmic Shimmer Misters and use them to create a colour chart. I always spray them onto white and black card as they can look completely different on the two! Particular favourites of mine are Bronze Blush - has a hint of green mica - lovely!... Blue lime - a lovely zingy lime ink with a hint of blue mica and also the stunning Red Firefly - a vibrant orangy red wiht a hint of gold mica. I think that the Angel Mist and Sunlight Mist will prove very useful - they don't look so much on white - very pale - but they'll be fab for sprizing over printed papers to give that element of shimmer!
I intended to blog earlier in the week - but I've been nursing my dog Molly this week who had her visit to the vets on Monday to be spayed. So I've had to keep an eye on her this week - but it did at least give me time to catch up with some paperwork (yawn...), and also get the new 12x12s onto the website too. I did attempt to start stocktaking the decoupage ready for the web.... but there's such a lot of them I didn't get very far!!
I'm now going to spend the rest of today crafting before getting together with some of my crafting buddies this evening - who are all itching to see all the new supplies!.... so I would imagine there will be a few projects I'll be able to blog over the next few days!
happy crafting


ninajeanette said...

will you make a colour chart of the colours used on normal white paper for us please<, i m really struggeling to find out what colours look like and what colours to buy.

plz have a look at my blog too; i m dying to get some comments,lol

Jane Aldridge said...

I'll get scanning and see if I can do out an online colour chart that everyone can use - it's always tricky to know which one to pick without seeing the colours!... mind you it can be even trickier when you see how lovely all the colours are in person :-) Jane