Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baked Clay Pendant #132

A different project completely today.  I've worked with some Fimo to shape into a heart (I used one of my nestablities as a template to draw around.

I started with a flat base and cut out my heart - I've worked in a dark brown clay, but its only on the back that you can see the colour so you can use whatever colour you have to hand - either Fimo or Sculpey type clay.  I used a little metal flower to add some texture to the background, just by gentling pressing it into the clay.

I then rolled out the clay into long thin sausages and shaped it around the outside and then shaped for the flower stalk.

The flower is made of five little round balls of clay, flattened and shaped with my embossing tool and then another ball for the centre.

I then applied mica powders - gold, purple and pink to highlight the design.  I put in a hole at the top so I could attach my pendant.

then bake and all ready!

happy crafting


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