Monday, May 19, 2014

My Blog is moving! #147

There are changes afoot here at Aldridge Crafts HQ.  I am rellocating my blog to be within my website for a more streamlined set up, so very soon my posts will be made from my new blog.  This may be as early as tomorrow (if all the techy stuff is straightforward when I set it up in the morning)... otherwise over the next few days.  But don't worry - I'll post links on here for a while so you won't lose me and as a lot of you find my posts via my links on Facebook & Twitter, the links will take you to my new blog.

That's enough of the boring techy stuff - onto the creative stuff!  Today's creation is zentangling with the Sweet Poppy Phoenix Stencil.  Love this stencil for zentangling!  I kept the body pattern quite bold so it really stood out and then used repeats of quite simple patterns for the feathers and tail.

Did you know that we stock Zentangling supplies?  I've just had a new delivery of the fabulous books - only £5 each and 11 different titles to choose from.  We also stock the Micron pens too - but these haven't been put onto our website yet - but just drop us a line to add them to your order.

That's all from me today... off to get a good night's rest as I have to have my technical head on in the morning!... wish me luck! :-)

happy crafting


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Andy Lloyd Williams said...

A great Zentangle today - I could use a lot of time in the day Zentangling! Good to hear you sell the wherewithal for it. Good luck with the technical stuff!