Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It's amazing what you can do with leftovers!  I've got into the habit now of flushing through my Ink Misters once I've used them to minimise the nozzles blocking.  Well after creating my steampunk panel the other day, I was using the blue and bronze misters so in order not to waste the ink, I unscrewed the nozzle (so it doesn't suck up any more ink) and sprayed it onto a blank piece of card to empty it and did the same with both colours - then took the nozzles and flushed them through with water.  Seemed a shame to waste all that ink - and by randomly covering my card - created this most amazing almost Patina like combination of colours - completely different from how they looked on my panel as there I had been very sparing with the dark bronze, this time I wasn't!

So what to do with my interesting coloured card.. aaaah I know, I can use my new Clarity stencil!  Clarity created the most amazing stencil and trade pack - I was reading on Barbara Grey's blog all about it - how it was all put together by themselves - and what a lovely idea to include a stencil for us all!  I've not got their stencils in stock yet (run out of budget at the trade show!!)... but they are on my list to get in stock soon - their range is fab!... anyways I digress....  I grabbed my stencil and run it through my Cuttlebug so it embossed the detail.  I left the stencil in place and carefully traced around all the outlines with my white gel pen - to give the design that extra bit of punch!  Just a few dashed lines at the bottom was all I felt it needed.

A really simple to construct design - but looks really effective - and it's now up on the gallery wall in the shop - do come and have a look at the colours and how they've mixed - its fab!

happy crafting


PS - don't forget - Sweet Poppy Stencil demo by me on Saturday at 10am in the shop!


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Rocky said...

I love this tag, it looks as though it should be metal....fab!