Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Little Black Dress

 This is another creation from Saturday's Demo.  I started with a sprayed background - Cosmic Shimmer Ink Misters - it looks like Red Firefly with a bit of gold (it's from my stash box - must remember to write the colours on the back!)

I've used the Chloe dress and applied translucent paste through it.  I've then covered it completely with black glitter.  I wanted to use the translucent rather than the black paste to show that the dark glitters cover it - you don't need a dark paste for a dark glitter.

I stamped the art deco style border using my new set of stamps from Chocolate Baroque (I've wanted these for ages!!) - Decorative Edges.  The scribbled border is just hand-drawn using a black fineliner pen... I've noticed my hand-drawn borders lately seem to be resembling barbed wire!!  obviously the country influence here in Norfolk! :-)

It's been mounted onto an 8x8" card blank with just a fine black border.

Had a very proud moment today... I didn't realise that when we were runner up for the best craft retailer for East Anglia that we would get a certificate to be able to let everyone know... well it arrived in the post today!  It will have pride of place!  Thank you so much to all the customers who voted for us!  happy times  :-)

happy crafting

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