Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Steampunk Birdhouse #128

I absolutely loved creating this project!  I wanted to show you that the little papier mache birdhouses we stock (just a £1.00 each!! - six different shapes available) - can be decorated in more than just the Decoupage style.  Sorry - lots of pictures on this one today so you can see all the stages!
Well this is what you start with... well sort of.. I was that excited to get started I forgot to photograph it in it's natural state - this is it... balanced on its side whilst drying from a coat of Gesso.

Next I cut out lots and lots of different size cogs and gears using my Spellbinders Sprightly  sprocket set and started to arranged them onto each of the sides and then stuck down with Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue..

Next for some paint - I wanted a purple-magenta type shade - so mixed Art Proff Blue and Red shades
and then painted over the entire birdhouse a couple of times...
(it looks a little brown here) - but really its a magenta pinky purple shade.  Next - add some gold gilding wax to highlight the cogs...
Finally - I added dry brushed soft gold Cosmic shimmer pearlescent watercolour paint to further enhance the cogs and then glued some metal findings on with my glue for the finished piece.  We now sell packs of these metal findings - and absolute must for anyone who likes altered art!

love love LOVE it!.... what can I steampunk next???

happy crafting



Rocky said...

Love it! Can't wait to see it in person, the colour sounds interesting!

Jane Aldridge said...

I'm taking it to the shop - you'll have to have a visit and a cuppa! :-) (I'll let you know when I have a delivery to unpack hee hee!)