Monday, January 20, 2014

Acrylic Paints with Stamps

I'm all out of sync today!  I thought I had a blog project finished today.. only to find out I haven't!  So I've been browsing through old creations to find some that I don't think I've shared with you before (forgive me if I have!).

These were all made using rubber stamps together with Acrylic Paints.  I've used Eco-green paints here - which are a really nice creamy consistency paint to use, and have the big plus of having a wax content so once dry you can buff them to a high shine!.

 This first design is a nice way to start working with Acrylic Paints and stamps - no skills required!!.  I took a good weight cardstock (or use the grey board off the back of your paper pads!) - and using two colours simply paint on.  If you paint one colour first and then use the second colour onto a dry brush and lightly paint over the top you can achieve these whispy lines.  I've then stamped my Pure Elegance Stamp (from Creative Expressions) and some swirls in black ink.  Finally I've added some white gel pen highlights so she stands out from the background.  Then simply mat and layer onto a card.

 This design is using the same stamp again but this time I painted the background in gold and allowed to dry.  Then I have stamped the lady again in black and then painted her in using the eco-green paints.  Again some white gel highlights lift the design and you may need to retrace some of the black outline with a fine-liner pen if it's lost some definition.  The flower is from Marianne Designs

I think sometimes crafters are a bit hesitant to work with paints as they feel its more of an artists thing and you need to have skill to use them, but I love working with paint and you can achieve some very effective finishes with very little skill needed... go on give it a go!

happy crafting

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