Friday, January 24, 2014

Rose Pearl Necklace Set

We had a customer order this week who wanted some earring made with our Rose colour glass pearls to match an outfit... so what to do with the rest of the strand... so I got creating! 

To create this project you will need....
1 strand Rose 8mm Glass Pearls
2 strands 6mm faceted purple glass beads
1 pack of Tibetan Style Flower beads
2 toggle clasps
Plus your tigertail, crimps, jump rings, earring hooks and tools

 The pattern for the necklace was to start with 3 purple glass, then flower, then repeat the pattern of purple glass, pink pearl, purple glass, flower bead until you have your necklace at the required length and then finish with your three purple beads. 

The earring drop pattern is flower, purple bead, pink pearl, purple bead, flower.

Depending on how long you wanted your necklace, you may have enough to make a bracelet.  If you only have a small amount of purple glass beads and pink pearls left, adjust your pattern so you can make a length long enough for a bracelet - for mine making it two flower beads together was enough to extend the design to make the pattern.

You can shop for all your beading and findings supplies at our website or follow the links at the top of the post to take you to each of the elements for this project.

This necklace set will shortly be on sale on our Folksy site!

happy crafting!


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