Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blue Glittered Dragonflies... and one pest of a cat!

oooops I almost forgot to blog today!... that's what you get for chilling out on a Saturday evening, watching reruns of Superman II with a large (ish) glass of wine (Only because we need empty wine bottles for a craft project of course)...  I toddled off to bed for an early night due to the cat (more on that in a mo)... to think oh... no blog... so back downstairs to my laptop!

Today's card is featuring the dragonflies stencil from Sweet Poppy Stencils (oh.. my new delivery is due in the shop on Tuesday by the way!).  I created the background first by spraying Cosmic Shimmer Ink Misters and left aside to dry.  I then added some patterns using a mask and some inks.  Next I used Sweet Poppy Dimensional paste in gloss black to put on my dragonflies and whilst it was wet I sprinkled it with some fine bluey-purple glitter - not so it was completely covered but more on the wings than the body.  I then left aside to dry and then added white highlights and a black pen drawn  border.  I just love this card - the vibrancy of the colours, the twinkle of the glitter - and I wasn't the only one - it had pride of place in our window display and I had to open up the shop early this morning as a chap spotted it as the perfect birthday card for his wife whilst I was still setting up this morning!  so it was my first sale of the day!

Back to the cat... we are having fun and games with our cat at the moment... Finlay is our Birman kitten/cat (he's now about 10 months old).  He's decided this past few weeks that if he spends enough time yowling loudly at the window and scratching at it... or sitting in front of the TV, playing with wires or jumping on the mantel piece and generally being a pest...  that's the perfect way to tell us he not only wants to go to bed (to sleep in the dog's bed in our bedroom).. but he needs company whilst he's there!  Not for a fuss mind you, just for you to be in the room... so I seem to be getting a lot more early nights at the moment as he wants to go to bed at 9.30!  Anything for sanity and peace and quiet at the end of a tiring day!  At least it gives me time to browse Pinterest for fab ideas on my Ipad!
I'm hoping its a habit we can wean him off... but some evenings it's just easier to go to bed for a quiet cat! :-)

Back tomorrow at a more reasonable hour!

night all

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