Thursday, February 6, 2014

Embossed Hearts

You will recognise the same dies from yesterday - and a similar layout too - but this time to mix it up a bit. I've used Acrylic paints onto greyboard.  On the red and gold heart, I've used the same technique as yesterday - painted a red base coat, then added some vaseline before painting the gold top coat and once dry then wipe away as the vaseline acts as a resist.  I've then run it through with an embossing folder.  I wasn't sure how much detail I would get as it's thick grey board - but as you can see it was very detailed - this has been put through a Cuttlebug.  (The folder was one that's no longer available to buy that was in my stash).  I created my mounts the same as yesterday.  As I knew I needed to make quite a few cards in a short space of time, I stuck with the same design layout and created my mounts in the same way so I could cut out having to do lots of measuring. 

In the pink and gold card, I painted in just the pale pink for this heart and then run through with a Love heart embossing folder from Crafts Too.  The next stage required patience!  I lined up the heart over the embossing folder so it would keep firm and flat, then bit by bit I used my Versamark to ink only the raised parts of the design.  Do this a a little at a time with a very light touch, if you rush it you will just ink the lower bits.  Again because it's over paint, even if you use an antistatic bag, you may need to tidy up with a little paintbrush.  I completed it in about 5 stages, so not too long - but worth it! 

As a final detail on this card, I inked up some scrap card with my versamark and embossed it with gold and then punched out four little hearts to add to the corners - that way they match perfectly.

Fed up with hearts yet..... I'm not quite finished!... a few more tomorrow!  :-)

happy crafting
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Rocky said...

Love the red and gold heart, not fed up yet....gimme more!