Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zentangled Dress

 You know how sometimes you see a stamp or a stencil and you just know what project you want to create... and even if you need to make something else.. you need to make that project just to get it down on paper and out of your head!... well it was like this for me.  This is one of the fabulous new dress stencils from Sweet Poppy which I have ordered along with lots of other designs of their stencils due to arrive shortly!

I had a lovely chat with Lucy from Sweet Poppy at the trade show this week and said I couldn't wait to get going with this stencil..!

I started by using a fineliner black pen - the finest nib I had which was 0.1mm.  I slowly and carefully traced around every part of the dress stencil (I left out the decorative elements to leave just the dress).  Try to keep the pen as upright as you can as this will protect the nib from being damaged by the metal stencil.

Then the patterns begin.  I kept the designs quite simple so that the dress had different layers to it and then the mannequin had it's own definition too.  I then just mounted it on a simple black card mount and hand-drew a little line border around the edge to frame it.  It's such a detailed design I didn't want to distract from it by adding any other decoration... it was beautiful just as it was!

So remember... stencils are not just for using with paste..  go forth and zentangle!!

If you would like to try zentangling and creating this card, you can join us on our workshop on 6th March 6-8pm for just £12.50 - give us a call or an email to book your place - or book online here..

happy crafting

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Rocky said...

It looks great, can't wait to see the others done!!