Saturday, February 8, 2014

Flower Heart Wreath... Part One

Today's project is from a kit!  Very unusual for me to use a kit, but these caught my eye ages ago and I've only just had a chance to have one and get playing!  They are Craftwork Cards kits called - Create a Wreath.  They come in all sorts of colour ways, subtle, bohemian, bright and some are hearts and some are round wreaths.  These sell for £6.50/£7.50 a kit - but each kit contains enough to make two wreaths. 

When you open the kit, you get two chipboard cut bases, some die cut backing papers to match and lots of die cut flowers in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs plus some ribbon.

 I thought I would start by following the instructions and following the picture on the box for guidance for the first wreath... before getting experimental with my second (you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that one!). 

I used the handle of my pricking tool and a fine paintbrush handle to curve all my flowers to give them all all little curve and shape.  They advise you to make up 7 flowers but it's also good to make 1 extra smaller one to put at the point of your heart at the top.

You start by sticking on the backing sheet - I just stuck mine to one side, I would be inclined to just paint the back of the heart if I didn't want it the greyboard rather than waste my papers!  Next you cut your ribbons and then tie them through your holes.  You then start to assemble your flowers.  I used my ever favourite Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear glue to layer them up - the pinwheel flowers always take a little bit of sticking - but just roll them up and then hold them in place a few moments to let the glue get tacky enough to grip it - then you can put aside to dry.  Once you have assembled all your flowers, its just a matter of placing them around the heart and sticking them down - again with your PVA glue.    I ended up using all my ribbon for my first kit - so that was all I had to add to do my 2nd wreath - but I wanted to use different ribbon for that one - hence why I was generous with the ribbon on this one!

Aren't these pretty - really great fun to make!  If you want to have a go you can go to our website here to see the wreaths available!... go on - have a go - they are so pretty!

One final tip.... us crafters are always looking to make the most of our purchases... well before you use both of the chipboard wreath bases, make sure you use it to create a template - then you can use it time and time again with your own flowers, or flower dies to make different variations!
Have fun crafting.... don't forget to come back tomorrow to see wreath number two!

And if you fancy doing this one as a 1-2-1 workshop - just give me a call!


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