Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Painted Shabby Chic Hearts

 As I promised yesterday, my cards this week are on a heart and Valentine's theme.  I wanted to make a batch of cards for the shop - but didn't have huge amounts of love themed products to hand, so I based most of my cards around my one set of Nested Heart shaped dies.  These are from X Cut but are now discontinued. 

I started by cutting out a heart out of thick card - I actually used some greyboard - which is the sort of card you usually find at the back of a paper pad - always handy to keep!  I painted my heart using Acrylic paints - I've used colours from Eco-Green and Art Proff -  and allowed to dry.  I then swiped over some vaseline and then painted my second colour over the top.  Once dry, you can then wipe away some of the top coat where the vaseline has acted as a resist.  I allowed my hearts to thoroughly dry and then stamped and embossed over the top with different greeting stamps I had in my stash.  You may find that you need to do a bit of tidying up with a little paintbrush as even though you allow the paint to dry and wipe over the antistatic bag, the nature of the paint means it can cling on with some of your embossing powder - but be patient - its worth the effect!!

As I was making this card in two different colour ways, I measured my two mounts and then cut out two of each.  For the layer that was going immediately under the heart, I just caught the edge of the card with my Versamark pad and added embossing powder to give a lovely metallic shabby chic edge.  For the base mount, I painted the colour that I thought would best match around the edge of the card and allowed to dry (no need to paint the middle as you are covering it up!).  Once everything was dry I then mounted the cards onto a card blank.

I thought I would do two different colour ways as not everyone wants a pink Valentines card - and it was fun to play with the different layers of colour.

More hearts tomorrow..... :-)

happy crafting

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