Monday, February 10, 2014

More Flower Hearts

I so enjoyed making the flower wreaths that I thought I would adapt the idea using items from my craft box.

I've started with the Wild Rose Studio Always and Forever Paper pack.  I stuck a sheet to a piece of good weight cardstock and then use my scalloped heart die to cut it out.  I then repeated the same step - but this time cut out my heart from the blank card side - so I knew it would be a perfect fit for the other heart to go back-to-back.  I chose my ribbons and tied a knot at each end and then stuck the ends to the back of my heart using tape.  I then used a base of double sided tape (I always recommend Stix2) and also Cosmic Shimmer PVA Glue around the edges to ensure I would get a proper secure stick encasing the ribbon in the middle.  I then pinned around the outside using clothes pegs to ensure everything was all properly stuck down. 

Whilst that was bonding I selected a range of papers from the same pad and used my Memory Box Pinwheel Flower die to cut out lots of different colour flowers.  Once cut out I curved them all round my pricking tool handle to give some curl and then put in a generous blob of dries clear glue in the centre.  You can then turn then into little flowers.  This step definitely requires a little patience (not something I have lots of when I'm crafting!) as if you let go too quick, your curl doesn't stick... I found about the time it took me to eat a chocolate button was about long enough ...  so make sure you have plenty of chocolate buttons to hand for this project!! :-)

Leave your flowers aside a little while to properly dry, and don't worry if they vary slightly - I quite like having them slightly different sizes and shapes.  You can then start laying them out on your heart shape.  Start from the middle and work outwards, and move them around a lot to try different sizes, different colours in different positions until you are happy, then lift the flowers one by one to apply your PVA and stick them down firmly.

Isn't it pretty!

happy crafting

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