Thursday, February 27, 2014

Steampunk Panel Step-by-step - Part One

Something I have wanted to do for ages is an altered book or steampunk style panel... and whilst I've dabbled with some of the techniques on my canvases, I wasn't brave enough to go into it completely and work with adding metal embellishments and getting that fully layered effect.  One of the items I saw quite a bit at the trade show that really inspired me was these types of panels and I came home with a renewed enthusiasm to give it a go.  After all, as I always tell our customers.. if it doesn't come out how you expect.. it's just cardstock.. you can always start again!

I thought I would take you through the journey of creating my first piece (hopefully the first of many!).  It would make a nice workshop too I think - let me know if you agree! :-)  You can see a picture of what I am creating at the top of the post.

 Start with a plain piece of greyboard or chipboard.  This is a 6x6" panel and the cardstock I am using is from the back of a 6x6 paper pack I had.  It's a nice firm piece that I knew wouldn't buckle when using lots of wet mediums.  Your first step is to paint the card with gesso on both sides and allow to dry.  I gave mine two coats.
 The next stage is to apply a bit of texture.  I use a couple of Crafter's Workshop masks and Dreamweaver white embossing paste.  I just added small areas of texture. 
 Once the paste is thoroughly dry, then you can start playing around with layering up your die cuts.  I went through my die collection and pulled out any dies I thought may fit in with my ideas for this design.  I then cut out pieces from all the dies - including some I haven't used on the final piece.. but plenty to play around with - after all, anything you don't use today you can use on a project another day.  The dies I ended up using are the sprockets die from Spellbinders, the elegant posts die from Spellbinders and the clock is from Marianne Designs.  I played around moving die cuts here and there until I found a layout that I liked.  The next stage was to stick all my die cuts down - I used my Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue - make sure all the fiddly bits of your die cuts are firmly stuck down.

Next you paint it with gesso again and allow to dry.

I've just got in stock some bags of little metal findings that are just perfect for this style of crafting... watch the website for them to appear shortly as mixed bags.... if there's any left after me raiding them of course!!

I pulled out a mixture of metal shapes, charms and beadcaps and again played around moving them around until I found a layout I was happy with.  This is what I came up with!

Once I was happy with the layout, I started to stick the pieces down.  Again I used the same glue - it was only a little tricky when sticking metal to metal - but I think I was just not patient enough with the drying time!  My backup glue was glossy accents - but I only wanted to use this as a last resort as I wasn't sure if it would then act as a resist for my waterbased mediums... will have to test that one out before the next project!

Once everything is thoroughly stuck down, then paint again with the gesso.  Allow to dry and then paint again.  If needs be - give a third coat (I only needed 2) - but you are aiming to ensure that any ink and paint you then apply has a good base to bond to.
 This is how it looks when it is all in white gesso.. beautiful in itself!  the next stage is to get brave and add some colour!

This is where we will stop for part one.  Come back tomorrow for part two when we add the colour!

happy crafting

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Rocky said...

The finished panel looks good but I do love the white stage, it looks so clean.