Friday, February 7, 2014

Paper Hearts

Here are the last of my heart cards.  I've used the same set of dies as I have for the last couple of day's projects, but this time working with printed papers.

I've used only papers from one paper pack - Wild Rose Studio Always and Forever paper pack.  I've used three different designs here.

Firstly I've cut the different size hearts from 2 different papers and the base layer is cut from pink plain cardstock and then embossed using the Crafts Too Love hearts embossing folder.  I've then picked out a matching paper to use as my base mat on the card.

The second card I've used strips of papers.  I started by cutting out strips from four different papers.  I cut out a base square of card that would be large enough to cut my heart shape from and lightly marked in pencil the area to cover.  I then put down cross hatches of double sided tape (I always use Stix2 as I find it has an excellent stick!).  I then laid down my first strip of paper and then matched the next one underneath so it lined up and so on until all layers were down.  At this point I could then cut out my heart die and I knew that my papers wouldn't move.  I then assembled my card.  The 'cherish' stamp is from a Hero Arts set - called Word Borders - I've had these a few years so I don't know if they are still available!

My final card is onto a large 8x8" blank.  I cut out 9 hearts with a small die trying to get a mixture of different colours and shades.  I spent some time rearranging the hearts in different ways to make sure that the colours and shades were balanced and I didn't end up with similar papers next to each other.  Once happy I used my Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue to stick them down onto a pre-cut square mount.  I then mounted this onto a complementing paper, then a white mount, then finally onto plain pink cardstock.  I really like this card - it's clean simple lines look very elegant.

Just a handy hint - if you are looking to workout what size to cut your mounts and you want to use a printed paper, as in this case they were from a 6x6" book - remember that you will need to size the next mount downwards in size - rather than working from your topper and working up as sometimes you then need a larger piece of printed paper!  Always worth planning before you cut all your various mounts.

That's the end of the hearts... well for now anyway!  Something different tomorrow - promise! :-)

Happy crafting


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